Enesa :)

Jul 04


can somebody lower their standards and fall in love with me please

Jul 04

I don’t miss you. I miss what we had.

Jun 22

I want someone to love me for me.

May 13

I can’t understand teens nowadays.


what their idea of a fun weekend is:


how they hangout with friends:

how I hangout with friends:

they sleep around:

what I do with my time:

I’m so respectful and good when I’m around adults I’m like:

they’re like: 

their mom says “NO”, they react by doing this:

If I did that my mother would do this:

and my mother says I AM OUT OF CONTROL

May 03
May 01
Apr 30
Apr 22

Why am I complaining your not even mine…

Apr 22

One minute its like I wanna throw you off a bridge and the next it’s like I wanna run and save you…

Apr 22

I feel so stupid. I sit around and wait for you to text me back when I know theres nothing between us. Should I just throw this feeling away? Or should I try just a little harder for you to fall in love with me? What am I waiting for? Who am I waiting for?